What is the Colorado Combined Campaign?

The Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC) is a streamlined, workplace campaign that provides a way for Colorado state employees to donate to a charity of their choice that directly benefit Coloradans. State employees can donate easily by payroll deduction, cash, check, or credit card. Donations to the CCC are voluntary, confidential, and tax-deductible.

State employees may designate their donations to one or more charities or groups of charities of their choice - help a cause close to your heart! You decide how much to contribute, and exactly where your money goes.

An advisory committee, made up of representatives of participating state agencies, like CU-Boulder, sets and enforces campaign bylaws. The advisory committee reviews the 25 federations who sponsor the more than 700 charities in the campaign to determine if they are fiscally responsible and provide the services they claim. 

CU-Boulder contributes to the state in many ways: education, research, economic and workforce development, and community outreach, to name just a few. The Colorado Combined Campaign gives CU another way to contribute: through our personal giving. 

Please visit the tabs above to learn more about  the campaign background, how we contribute to the campaign as state employees, and how the campaign contributes to our community. Check out the "How to Pledge" tab for instructions on how to get started giving back to Colorado!